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Marine Dealer Thrives with a Proactive Approach to Service and Controlling Inventory in Ideal

August 29, 2012

By ezein | Posted in IDEAL, Marine Success | Comments Off on Marine Dealer Thrives with a Proactive Approach to Service and Controlling Inventory in Ideal

Ideal dealer management software successA dealership is only as good as the service it can provide. When Dennis Fox determined he could provide a higher level of service than the marine dealership he was working at, he opened up Fox Marine. 24 years later, Fox Marine is one of the premiere dealerships in Vermont. Read on to see how Sales Manager Mike Lucas works to ensure Fox Marine sets itself apart from the competition with a proactive approach in service and has seen an increase in efficiency with inventory control and purchasing through Ideal’s dealer management software.

Ideal: What do you think your strengths are compared to other retailers?

“Our customer service is probably our biggest strength. We find ourselves focusing around certain ideals, no pun intended. We always strive to give the customer a reason to come back to us. We go above and beyond and take that extra little step.”

Ideal: How do you make sure your employees keep that customer service mindset so that you continue to offer superior customer service?

“It’s checks and balances. We have weekly morning meetings to strategize. We tell the guys in our service department that ‘sales will sell the first boat, but service will sell the second’.”

Ideal: How do you go about making your service department as efficient and successful as possible?

“One of the things we lack in our industry is that there are not a lot of proactive dealerships out there when it comes to routine maintenance. So we tell the techs that when they’re doing x, y, z on a unit, why not just take a peek to see when the last time ‘something else’ was done…

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